Expansion Gap Assemblies

Each assembly consists of a ten-foot conductor bar, insulating cover, connector pins for one end, guide assembly, two power feeds with a jumper cable and hanger set.


FE-758-2H10         For Indoor System FE-758-2
FE-758-2H10-SC    For Outdoor System FE-758-2-SC
FE-758-2H10XT     For High Temperature System FE-758-2XHT
FE-908-2H10         For Indoor System FE-908-2
FE-908-2H10-SC    For Outdoor System FE-908-2-SC
FE-908-2H10XT     For High Temperature System FE-908-2XHT
FE-1608-2H10       For Indoor System FE-1608-2
FE-1608-2H10-SC  For Outdoor System FE-1608-2-SC
FE-1608-2H10XT    For High Temperature System FE-1608-2XHT
FE-2008-2H10        For Indoor System FE-2008-2
FE-2008-2H10-SC   For Outdoor System FE-2008-2-SC
FE-2008-2H10XT    For High Temperature System FE-2008-2XHT
FE-3008-2H10         For Indoor System FE-3008-2
FE-3008-2H10-SC    For Outdoor System FE-3008-2-SC
FE-3008-2H10XT    For High Temperature System FE-3008-2XHT